Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hannah (11th grade) is studying U.S. history, using History of Us.  She is almost done with Book 1, The First Americans.  She is working on an ACT math and science review book in hopes of bringing her math and science scores up when she next takes the ACT, probably in October.  She also is almost done with the first unit in Teaching Textbooks Pre-Calculus.  She is also 2/3 through The Science of Liberty by Timothy Ferris.  This ties the development of science to the rise of democracy and the age of reason, which dovetails very nicely with her readings in Physics, using Physics Demystified.  She will be taking college freshman English beginning this week at Christian Brothers  University, so other than having her read the Scarlet Letter over the past 2 weeks, I'm holding off any additional assignments while she is in that class.  

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