Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Land is Waking

The Land is beginning to wake here.  Our temperatures are up and down, in the upper 20's some nights, but rising to near 70 degrees several days later, rain every 3 or 4 days.  In our dining room I have a plate that holds some small bud vases with twigs cut from the forsythia and pussy willow in the yard.

We will have daffodils in bloom this week I think.

Likewise, the hellebores (so close to the ground they are easy to miss).

Perennials beginning to wake up.  This is the giant coneflower, that will ultimately be 7 or 8 feet tall.

Self seeded hollyhocks!

Back in the house -- success in bringing the Christmas Cactus back in to bloom.

And my 25 cent "rescue" African Violet from Lowe's last winter seems to enjoy our south facing kitchen  window also.

Yes, I can definitely feel it.  The pulsating life force oozing from the Land.

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Lady of the Woods said...

oh how beautiful! but isn't it too early? spring in January?? I lived in New York and I remember we didn't see the yellowing forsythia until March or April. Beautiful pictures! It is a happy thing to see them springing up no matter what time yes?

Diana said...

It is kind of early. My daffodils usually don't start blooming until mid to late February. The branches of flowering shrubs that I bring in for January, bloom out in the warmth of the house (kind of like forcing bulbs, but you just cut them, bring them in and put them in water. The pussy willow will actually bloom and make roots in the water)! But forsythias bloom on and off here throughout the winter, whenever we get a week or two of warmer weather. But this winter has been exceptionally moderate (good for our heating bill!!). Last year we got 6 inches of snow on Feb 9, and temps down to single digits. We are very up and down here.

Lady of the Woods said...

It is weird weather everywhere I think. In 9 years I do not remember having to use the AC in January, yet I've had to, even in Florida it shouldn't be that warm. But I see what you mean about forcing the blooms....its not really Mother Nature then ;D I love flowering branches. As a florist in NY I used to love the cherry blossoms, magnolia with the brown suede bottom leafs, forsythia, and cherry blossoms. I think I never saw anything to beautiful in my life!

Ann said...

It's amazing that things are greening up this early. In Nebraska, we've had the warmest winter on record. It was 70 degrees here yesterday. We've been above normal all winter--most of it 10-20 degrees above. But, it's dry as a tinderbox, too, which isn't good for the farmers and the winter wheat crops. Wonder what the spring and summer will bring?

Heaven's Walk said...

Sounds like this has been a warmer than normal winter for everyone. I must say...what a nice change! :) I'm now xo anxious to start working in my garden! :)

xoxo laurie

Suffia said...

It's nice to see some blooms again. Have a great weekend!