Thursday, May 24, 2012

30-A vibe

A few pics taken with my new IPod, on our vacation in the Seagrove/Seaside FL area.  30-A is the two lane county (state?) hiway that separates the houses from the dunes and the beach.  It's been beautiful all week.

Every day, every hour, the colors change a bit.  No day is the same, with endless variations of sky, water, dunes.

No condos or high rises on "our" stretch of 30-A.  No drunken revelers, no college spring-breakers -- mostly just families, and even a good number of "full timers".

Above is looking back over to Seaside from the beach access.

I wish I could show you the true colors, without the intermediary of the camera lens or computer resolution.

Another day, more amazing colors!

I don't think I could ever tire of it.

Sunset brings more brilliant colors.

Yesterday's high tide brought in a prodigious amount of seaweed on to the beach - somewhat unusual for here.

But another amazing day and sunset, none the less.

Today we went inside an "open house" of a house for sale -- a 2 bedroom bungalow built in 1935 a couple of blocks off the beach, with fully renovated kitchen and bathrooms, large front porch, a driveway cool and shady with arbors and vines, and a separate guest house in the back and reasonably priced (for the beach -- almost attainable if we didn't have 8 consecutive years of college for the girls to look at, and if we had a job down here ;-).  Oh the beachdreams in my head . . . .

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