Saturday, February 13, 2010

Next Year's Homeschooling Plans

Well, I finally have some time to sit down and actually write something for this blog I set up some time ago! Since I have been pondering what to do for next year homeschooling-wise for my 2 daughters that are still at home, I thought I would write about my thoughts on that. They will be 13 and 17 next school year, in 7th and 11th grades.

For many years we have been using Sonlight Curriculum, a literature based history focused curriculum that can be used for a range of ages. So between 4 daughters I have covered the various eras 2 and 3 times already. My high schooler needs to cover American History this coming year to meet high school requirements, however I am reluctant for my youngest to cover American History next year when (1) we are finishing up a world history cycle this year, which has a strong component of American History and (2) she'll have to do American History in just a couple of years at the high school level anyways and I want to save the American History materials that I'll be using with my high schooler for then.

So -- I've decided that my 7th grader will focus on U.S. Geography. We will be using Trail Guide to U.S. Geography by Cindy Wiggers, using a notebook method, along with Time for Kids Our Fifty United States, Kids Learn America (an activity kind of book), Cooking Up U.S. History (which has a section organized by geographic regions and has good reading lists of fiction and non-fiction books from which we will draw some literature and supplimental books), and of course our fabulous National Geographic Family Atlas and the World Almanac and Book of Facts.

My high schooler will be doing American History, using Joy Hakim's History of Us, along with supplimental books and PBS programs. She will likely participate in our geography studies also, perhaps to the degree of receiving a half or full credit in geography. She will also be doing American Literature, utilizing the literature portion of Sonlight's Core 400 program, most of which I already own since her older sister did this 6 years ago.

I'll do a separate post about my thoughts on science (if I ever come to some conclusions!).

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