Friday, February 19, 2010

Things I Need

As I was out taking a walk today, on this the first sunny not quite so cold day in forever, I was thinking of the things I cannot do without, in no particular order  . . . .

I need sunny days to be outside in for at least a bit.

I need to touch living soil -- unpaved earth.

I need to be near living water -- the ocean, a river, the tiny pond in my yard.

I need time to just vegetate, read, think, drink tea . . . .

I need to talk to friends, face to face.

I need a large kitchen window, looking out on at least a tree, some flowers, and bird feeders. 

Wow -- I think I get just about all of these things at least once a week -- sometimes every day for days at a time!  Not a bad life at all.

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