Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Skills

I began this blog as an incentive to learn some new skills -- like how to REALLY use my mac, how to do links and "cut and paste" and all those computer-y skills that I've managed to limp along without.  Actually I could do all of those things on my old old apple performa, but the newer mac just isn't as intuitive and I just haven't had the need or desire to really sit down and learn it.  But I have determined that I WILL learn these things.

Another thing I want and need to learn is how to work a digital camera.  I am not and have never been one who enjoys taking pictures.  I like to live in the moment as a participant, not as an observer or spectator, which is how taking photographs has always seemed to me.  But, after reading a number of blogs, I can see how much photos add to the aesthetic appearance and pleasure of a blog.  So, I got myself a digital camera for my birthday last October and have just today actually taken my first pictures.

So my next endeavor will be to actually get them into the computer and on to this blog!

I can see I have much to learn.  First, if you see my first homeschooling post, you will see that I accidently linked 2 picture/links for Trail Guide to U.S. Geography.  I have no idea how that happened (probably kept my finger too long on one spot on the tap pad!) and I have no clue as to how to delete one of them!  I have looked and looked for some direction or something to click on, but to no avail. Perhaps one day I will figure it out and be able to go back and fix it, but until then there will be a double picture.

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