Thursday, March 18, 2010

Science for next year

I have come to some conclusions about what we will do for science next year.  This will be Hannah's 11th grade year and Cree's 7th grade.

Thinking Physics: Understandable Practical Reality (English Edition)Exploring Creation with Physical ScienceMicrobe HuntersHannah has expressed interest in learning about Physics, but I don't want to kill her interest with too dry and math-y a text.  I believe I will have her work through Apologia's Physical Science text, which introduces some physics concepts and has some very doable and interesting labs.  I am also planning on having us read The Microbe Hunters over the course of the summer and fall.  I will also have Thinking Physics on hand for her.

HANDBOOK OF NATURE STUDYIntermediate Science (Through Children's Literature)Because Cree will be learning about U.S. Geography next year, I think I can tie in a lot of science exploration, focusing on earth and environmental science as well as focused nature study.  I have Intermediate Science Through Children's Literature, which is divided into units that focus on particular environments (prairie, wetlands, ocean, etc) and full of science concepts and activities that will tie in perfectly as we cover the different regions of the United States.  Our Handbook of Nature Study will also come in very handy as we learn about specific plants and creatures of the particular regions.

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