Monday, July 12, 2010

Seaside/Seagrove Florida

I thought I would post some pictures from our stay in Seaside/Seagrove Florida, on the panhandle, between Destin and Panama City.  We were there in May, a couple of weeks after the big oil leak but before anything started washing up.  I'm so glad we went when we did!  This area is my heart's home and where some day I hope to live.

These are 2 pictures of the path to the beach, looking from our usual cottage, Persuasion.

The above is the cottage we stayed at this year in Seagrove, adjacent to Seaside, called Moondance.  It had its own pool in the back and was a short walk to the beach.  The picture above that of the yellow cottage with blue shutters is just a cottage in Seaside whose colors I liked.

Here's a shot of the pool behind Moondance.

The above picture is another cottage in Seaside.

Next is a photo of Newbill's By the Sea, a gallery in the downtown part of Seaside.  These galleries and shops in the downtown area are attached 3 story townhomes with shops on the ground floor and residential above, fronting both sides of Ruskin Place, a park area.

Next is a picture of the community garden in Seaside, associated with the charter middle school, The Neighborhood School, located in Seaside.  The school and year-rounders take care of the garden and supply produce to a weekly farmers' market at Seaside, as well as the restaurants (and folks like me who go over there to clip some herbs for dinner!).

Well, as you can see I don't have pictures of the beach itself.  The beach pretty much looks the same all the time (well, except now there's that spill . . .).  I wanted to capture some of the images I love about the area we stay at.  Even if it's rainy, overcast, or the beach itself is despoiled, the Seaside/Seagrove area is filled with eye candy for the art/garden/architecture lover.

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