Friday, January 7, 2011

Garden Work

Yes -- I know, early January.  BUT -- it was almost 60 degrees today, and tomorrow and and the following week are supposed to be cold, cold, cold.  With a chance of inches of snow Sunday and then the daytime temps to be in the 30's, night time in the 20's and teens.

And I have a huge pile of horse manure on the back of my driveway -- been there since July and it was too hot (both the days, and the temp of the manure) to put it on the garden, so there it has been.  Today, I got my hiney in gear and decreased that pile by about a third -- 6 wheelbarrow loads now spread nicely on several of the raised beds of my vegetable garden.  I wish I could get it all done, but the day grows late and I fear overdoing my muscles with all the shoveling.  Maybe I'll do a bit more tomorrow if it isn't sooo cold, but the rest will have to wait until the next moderate day.

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Mica said...

good for you for getting out there...Now maybe you can make a mud pie...hee hee..Mica