Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Daze

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of the snow we've had around here.  This was from earlier in January.  We've had 3 snow events in 3 weeks!  These pictures were from when we had about 4 inches -- of pure, fluffy snow.  For many years my children did not know that snow was something different from ice and sleet, since usually our "snow" is actually a layer of ice and sleet, sometimes covered by a dusting of snow on top.  But this year we have had honest to goodness snow-ball quality snow.  Even as I type this we are on the southern end of the major blizzard stretching across the county -- but, luckily (IMO because I am over the snow) we are just having rain, heavy wind, and the temp is supposed to drop to the teens by tomorrow night.  I actually have flower buds on my daffodils outside (tight bud fortunately!) and the buds on my tulip magnolia are beginning to swell from the 60 degree temps we have had the past couple of days.  So it's good we'll get some cold to slow it all down, as our frost free date isn't until mid April.
my frozen pond (hope the fish are ok!)

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Mica said...

beautiful snow pics. Wow! And the pond frozen...are the fish okay? Has it melted yet? Have a great week...Mica