Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garden Harvest

Yesterday morning the temperature was in the low 60's, with a high in the 70's -- so welcome with it expected to be in the 90's this weekend and all next week!  I went out to the vegetable garden and collected these thinnings from the carrots I planted back on March 18.  I bought the seeds in Austin while visiting a friend.  One carrot per seed just never seemed like a good return of gardening effort for a garden of limited space, and usually it heats up so fast here that spring crops are always an iffy thing.  But I couldn't resist the colors.  They have grown to a nice stand and hopefully in a few more weeks I'll have some respectable carrots.  The variety is "Carnival Blend" by Botanical Interests.  I have a similar variety that I bought at Lowe's to plant for a fall crop,  Burpee "Kaleidoscope Mix".

I've had a very nice harvest of sugar snap peas and multiple cuttings of side shoots from the "pacman" broccoli that I planted.  Broccoli is another very iffy crop here -- it bolts if it heats up too much to fast here, and usually has a lot of insect and caterpillar damage.  This year the plants have been fabulous -- if only I had planted 20 instead of 4!

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