Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday afternoon

I have been very virtuous.  I have had a glass of water, when what I really wanted was a coke.  And I have been breading and frying eggplant slices for Eggplant Parmagiana tonight and to put in the freezer . . . when what I REALLY wanted was a coke.


Mojo said...

You did it!:)

Michelle713 said...

Aw man!... that pic looks so yummy.
I love fried eggplant.

Get Campie! said...

Wow...I totally miss that burn of a good cold coke!! I've been without for a year and feel much better. I've never had fried eggplant.

My mac store is an hour away. I should call when I'm less busy and see what they say.
You're lucky your store is so close!
Oppsie I'm signed in under my other blog...It's Rene' from Bargain hoot :)