Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Kitchen

We have a ridiculous accumulation of Christmas stuff -- boxes and boxes -- one whole box for the kitchen alone.

Snowglobes accumulated over the years and displayed on our big kitchen window.

Even cheapo-plastic-y kind -- they're really the best kind, received by the girls from friends and old scout troops and various Christmas events.  The one on the right is the kind where you can insert a photo, but my now 18 yr old had a real thing for Rudolph when she was young and drew a Rudolph for it when she was 5 or 6.  She was such a tender heart for Rudolph, sobbing at the cartoon "Why are they all so mean to him?  I'll be your friend, Rudolph!".

We have 3 big picture size windows in the kitchen, and we tape all the construction paper stockings and trees and what-not that the girls made over the years to them.  You can see another Rudolph drawing by Hannah, and some construction paper stockings by Loren (now 24), mostly from her girl scout Daisy and Brownie days.  She went through scouts all the way through Cadets, but dropped when the meetings and activities began to conflict with her increasing soccer activities.

 I've got 4 of these vintage winking Santa mugs -- they belonged to my husband's family and now sit on a shelf by the window at Christmas.

I have this candy garland strung around the kitchen peninsula, with some candy ornaments.

An overview looking over the peninsula towards the table.


Michelle713 said...

Well, I commented on this post, but don't see it. Maybe it just went onto my Google+1 thingy. I get so confused with all this tech stuffy.

Anyway, here's what I said, in case you can't read it on the +1 thingy:

Thank you SO much for sharing. My heart & soul can just view these pics.... & smell the chai steeping in the adorable kitchen, while we are walking around your lovely home listening & discussing your wonderful stories of the many different amazing decorations.

We've been there in person, many a time & we need to come out there & experience it again! Visiting your magical home IS one our our "chosen-family" traditions, after all. wink

Ann said...

Your accumulation of kitchen Christmas makes for such a homey setting. The girls' childhood art is so much fun. And, the winking Santa mugs make me smile.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet Diana, well can one really have too much Christmas stuff?? ;- ) Clarice