Saturday, September 8, 2012

More Magic Bling for My Garden

Aah, we (and by we I mean my husband) finally finished painting the front of the house.  He had to rig up a special paint brush holder that could reach to the top of our top eave (saving us from having to rent an even bigger ladder than the huge one we share with my parents).  I have to say I just love love love the purple trim -- purple enough to be fun, but not too terribly outrageous for our somewhat staid and conservative suburban neighborhood.

Of course I couldn't just stop with the purple trim.  That eave has been begging for some kind of focal point -- some kind of bling!  I found the sun medallion at Costco -- this was the last one at our store, marked down to $16!   Of course it had to come home with me.  For $16 I could find a place for it, even if it didn't work out for the eave (it's really hard to tell whether it would be the right scale before getting it up there).

It is absolutely perfect for the space!  We are having a nice little cool down this weekend, with highs of only 80 and lows in the low 60's (which is good, because our downstairs AC quit working last night, sigh), so a great weekend for going to our local annual community festival, The Germantown Festival, and the grand opening of our new Urban Farm Park (Bobby Lanier Park).  And maybe some progress can be made on the remaining painting that needs to be done, on the south and north sides of the house.  But at least our front is finished now.


Lady of the Woods said...

lovely! but the "purple" shows up as turquoise on these pics....purple sounds perfect too....and that sun is perfect! beautiful! I love when people do simple things that give a shabang! LOL
that's my kind of work, little work major impact. Good job.

Diana said...

Funny how colors alter on the computer! I love turquoise, too, but the trim under the eave is purple, and the shutters are a cobalt blue.

Thanks. (I bought a tunic/top thing at the Germantown Festival that reminds me of your beautiful sewing!)

tina said...

I love it! The sun medallion was quite a find and looks so good with the purple trim. Shabang is a good word that Lady of the Woods used so I'm going to repeat what she said. Good luck on your A/C. Our upstairs one went out in December. It was probably time though as it was over 20 years old-still....

Enjoy the fantastic weather!