Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chickens Playing Soccer

Somehow my pictures of the chickens never come out very good.  Chickens are far better appreciated in person than they are through pictures -- mine at least are constantly on the move, making pictures difficult -- especially when they are involved in a rousing game of "soccer" with a cherry tomato.

The chicken on the right -- I think it's Pomegranite -- rushed off with the tomato, with the others in hot pursuit.

Everyone else is running towards her, in hopes of snatching it away.

She's heading off the other direction, Chickahominy hoping to cut her off, and Esther blocking the retreat.

Chicken Noodle, here (a Rhode Island Red), spotted me watching and much prefers to come over for some stroking and talking to -- she's very friendly and social.

And so ended another round of Chicken Soccer.

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Ann said...

Cute post. The antics of fowl are fun to follow. I enjoy watching the politics and recreation of a flock of 15 wild turkeys that take up residence along the creek in our back yard. I, like you, though, find them difficult to photograph. I always think my photos will turn out great and am almost always disappointed.