Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Daughters, Grandkids, and a soon to be Son in Law

Our #2 daughter, Loren, that lives and teaches in Austin, came home to visit this past week for several days.  She and her guy are expecting their first child (to be born in late February).  Jonathan is in management for a grocery store in Austin, so knowing he can't get off for such a long trip during the holiday season, they came for a visit now so that we could meet and get to know him a little bit.  We hadn't seen Loren since last November.

We had a great little family dinner with 3 of the 4 daughters -- Loren, Rhiann (the oldest), Cree (there on the right) and the two grandkids -- who were very excited to see Aunt Loren -- and she was excited to see them!  Hannah, college girl, was disappointed that she was too far away (other side of the state at her college) to make coming home practical.

Loren insisted that as an extremely athletic and fit preschool teacher, she was perfectly safe in giving Ari and Aydan pony rides.

Looks like Aydan will remain the only boy in the family (I and all of my sisters have all girls), as Loren's baby will be a girl, whom they plan to call Kemper.

Aydan got a new "fire fighter" themed umbrella and rain boots set and insisted, with his button up red corduroy shirt and decked out in the boots, that he was a fire fighter and now he was ready to fight fires (with his "gumbrella" to protect him from the water hose I guess.

Aydan stayed over for the whole weekend, so lots of fun in the driveway with Aunt Loren and Uncle Jonathan.  It was kind of cold and rainy for part of their stay, but Jonathan kept saying how much he was loving all the rain and cold (so different from Austin and where he grew up in Texas).

They brought their 5 mo. old puppy, Olympia, with them -- who got along great with Trixie and Champas (the cats, however, were horrified and kept a low profile all weekend).  At times, with 3 dogs, 2 cats, the grandkids, and Loren herself (who is VERY high energy despite being pregnant) it was a definite 3 ring circus.

We had a wonderful baby shower (which I did not manage to take one single picture of) while she was here, with some of Loren's college friends and some of my friends and their now grown children who have been part of our homeschool "family" since Loren was 6.

Looks like we will be working in visits to Austin over the coming years!

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