Monday, January 14, 2013

This sums up the day . . . .

Another "Noteshelf" app journal page created on my iPad today.

Too cold.


Watching birds at the feeder -- a pair of bluebirds have been showing up daily over the past week, along with a downy woodpecker, a cardinal couple, several chickadees (of course!), red breasted nuthatches, and juncos.

And I've had my 5 yr old grandson Aydan here all afternoon (and evening).  So the wooden trains are snaking out into the upstairs hall and the girls' old wooden dollhouse, flower fairies and and gnomes are getting a good workout.


Geneva said...

What a fun day, even if it was freezing cold. Loved seeing pictures of that sweet little guy. I like your iPad journal app too...very nice!
Stay Warm!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

He's a cutie and looks like he's having fun at your house.

We were in the 70's over the weekend. I had to uncover my veggies! My poor winter veggies. It's just been too hot for them I think. They're not looking to good at the moment except the broccoli and kale.