Saturday, June 25, 2011

no internet

We lost internet yesterday and may not get it back up until next week.  Hours on the phone to ATT.  So frustrating.  And I don't even like being on the computer that much, but what's a gardener to do when it's  mid 90's outside and so humid you can dish out the air with a spoon?  That's when I like to retreat inside with a cool drink (or a hot drink, as I dearly love chai) and wander through the other people's gardens, homes and lives via their blogs.  I'm at our community library, which has wifi, to deal with my emails and quickly check the blog roll.  I've got a few books to check out and I guess I'll head back home for some afternoon relaxing and reading out of the heat.

One of the books I'm checking out is Children and Fire, by Ursula Hegi -- about a well-meaning teacher in Hitler's Germany who gets sucked into involvement with Hitler-Jungen and Nazi propaganda.  It looks to be interesting.  Last year we watched a very good movie from Netflix called "Swing Boys" or kids or something like that, with Christian Bale in it, about German youth during WWII who were fans of American swing music and the persecution they faced from the Nazi government because of it.  It was an amazing story, about the power of music.  It was an intense movie with some violence (not gratuitous, the violence was integral to the story IMO and it wasn't horrible gruesomeness, but it was intense and shocking).

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Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Have you ever read Lisa Wingate? I just discovered her and I loved a Month of Summer. Just finished it last week. I love the summer because then I finally feel like I have time to read. Hope internet comes back soon.