Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some Rain and Relief!

Yay!  We got about a little over a half inch of rain last night so my plants have perked up considerably.  They always seem to do so much better with rain water than any amount of watering with the sprinkler.  The rain brought the overnight temperatures down into the upper 60's and right now it's in the mid 80's, which is a lot more pleasant than the mid to upper 90's that it has been by mid afternoon these last few weeks.  At least now my two rain barrels are replenished.

So I have spent a good bit of the day doing some weeding and poking in the garden.  My okra that I planted in the "bag garden" is up.  And now I am waiting for my husband to get back from the store.  I got all ready to make a no-cook strawberry jam only to find only a cup of sugar in the pantry.  So I jumped on here for a bit while my water heats for some afternoon chai and to await the sugar delivery and resumption of the strawberry jam making.


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Lucky you! I finally gave in a dragged out the sprinkler. We got some thunder yesterday but again not a drop of rain. It hasn't rained in over two weeks and every day the temps are in the 90's!

JudyBug said...

So envious of your rain! We are just burning up here in northern LA. We didn't try a vegetable garden this year but planted more flowers and shrubs than we had good sense. Good luck with your okra! I love fried okra!