Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Productive Day

Oh my goodness, the extreme weather just keeps on!  All week the highs have been in the 90's (normal highs should be low 80's) and yesterday and today -- 99 and 100 degrees.  These are not only record highs, but the earliest occurring since they started keeping records.  It's not unusual for us to have high 90's and even 100 degrees in July and August -- but last of May and early June?  Completely unheard of until now.  And not a hint of rain.

Despite the heat (and it is NOT a dry heat -- it's Memphis humid heat), I went to the local farmer's market, got accepted to purchase a CSA share for the summer (a quarter share to supplement my own garden, which with this heat . . . who knows what it will produce this summer), then went to a local garden tour along with all the other crazy gardeners who love to see other people's gardens, even if it's 95 degrees and bazillion per cent humidity, got home and walked the neighbor's dog (they're out of town and both my girls whose job it is, were spending the night with friends), and finally potted up or planted the plants and herbs I bought last week at Anthony's Herb Farm Festival -- hyssop, rosemary "arp" and rosemary "salem", and some scented geraniums being the most notable, although there were a host of others that I couldn't resist.  Now it's water, water, water, more water -- one rain barrel is already empty.

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Mica said...

I am trying again since I don't see the comment i left last...I am having comment problems...Boooo!!!! I was trying to leave you a comment saying maybe I should be praying for rain? and I would have a bad hair day in your weather... also we are having nice Cali weather for now and enjoying it for I know we will get hit with HOT heat this Summer. Mica