Sunday, October 2, 2011

Roots Cooking Tonight

By "roots cooking" I mean like "roots music":  heritage cooking -- southern style.

I've got a big pot of a "mess o' greens" (turnip greens and malabar spinach, cooked low and slow with onions, some diluted ham stock/glacee, vinegar and a bit of sugar; pork chops; blueberry-corn muffins.  I'll add some broccoli and some leftover rice to dinner.  We have to go to yet another prospective college thing here in town tonight -- otherwise I would have fixed some southern style succotash to go with it.

Aah -- just finished eating (sorry, no picture).  The greens were melt in your mouth tender and sweet, asking for a few drops of hot sauce.  And the pork chops?  Browned and then braised in a covered pan in pan juices and a bit of diluted orange juice -- they could be cut with a fork.

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Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Oh my! Both my grandmas were from the South (Alabama and MIssouri) but we never had anything like that!