Sunday, April 15, 2012

Going to Prom

Last night Hannah (in black with fairy wings) and her friend since they were 5 yrs old, Nicole (in green), went to the Senior Prom for our local high school where Nicole is graduating from.  Even though we have always home schooled, most of Hannah's friends have always been in our neighborhood and/or attend the local school.  Hannah's boy friend is in college in Pennsylvania but one of their guy friends served as Hannah's escort to the prom.  They had a group of about 20 friends that met ahead of time for dinner and attending the prom together.

The boy is Nicole's boyfriend, Dylan, looking spiffy in his coordinating vest and tie.  Nicole was going to drive, being the only one of this trio that owns a car -- but then found she couldn't really manage in that dress, so Hannah ended up driving them and Hunter (her escort) in one of our cars.  Nicole's mom and I managed to corner them on the sidewalk between our houses for some pictures (they thought they were going to hop in our car and zip off unnoticed!).

I hear they had a great time (Hannah just got up, at noon) and Hannah got huge compliments on her dress and fairy wings.  And Nicole discovered that ball-type gowns (hers has a lace up back and actually has stays!) are best suited for ballroom type dancing and not that great for driving and modern dancing, beautiful though it is.

Hannah, thrifty homeschooler that she is, used a dress she had bought for a dance last year on sale for $14, chosen because the style looks relatively classic, borrowed the wings (surprising none of our extensive collection of fairy and butterfly wings accumulated over the years with 4 girls, suited her), and her knee high converse, creating her unique look.


catherine said...

They all look fabulous and hope they all had a great time. What it would be like to be young again!!
x catherine

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

That's wonderful. When my daughters were home schooled we had the blessing of an active fairly large support group they were able to go to for proms and such - I hope they had a memorable time.
Have a great week,