Monday, April 9, 2012

Helping Grandpa

You know, it's funny -- I am totally comfortable calling myself Grandma or Grammy with regard to the grandkids, but I have a really hard time referring to my husband as Grandpa.

We had our 4 yr old grandson Aydan here over Friday and Saturday, so Aydan and Grandpa got to have some guy time (unique for my husband, as we have 4 girls) -- a day of painting the house.

I set him up with a bucket of water and a paintbrush and he commenced to a good hour of serious painting.

He loves to help!

He found a basket from the Easter Bunny of course on Saturday morning (since he was going home that evening) and earlier in the day we dyed eggs.  When the eggs dried he wanted to eat one, and he would carefully put a cheerio on each bite.  When the yolk came out leaving half an egg white, he filled the half with cheerios and ate it.

Look at that great job he did on the eggs -- he was so careful, he didn't drop or crack a single one.  His favorites were the blue ones and the green ones.

Aydan's stay was unexpected, though welcome one -- but not the leisurely child focused time I would hope for.  Our homeschool group had a field trip on Friday to a historic cemetery downtown, I got Aydan at the end of that, we ended up home about 2 hours later than I had planned since we ended up eating lunch downtown, then Saturday afternoon I was hosting and presenting a meeting on "Getting Started with Homeschooling High School", and Sunday had my parents coming for dinner, for which I never made it to the grocery store!  I had thawed the turkey I had bought on sale in the winter, but had to rely on what we had for the rest -- so no asparagus.  By Sunday night I was totally worn out!  But Aydan and Grandpa had some really good guy time, with painting, and then during the meeting Wade took him to Auto Zone (which Aydan totally loved -- he is so in to cars!) and the park.

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