Friday, June 15, 2012

June Calendar Challenge

Boy am I late to the party!  I've been playing this year with the 366 Calendar Challenge at The Kathryn Wheel and I kind of fell behind this month.  I really don't know how everybody keeps up the blogging thing while actually keeping up with real life -- maybe if my blog was connected with a business or products or something I would be more diligent and more motivated to work regularly on it.  Now that it's summer and my garden and the outdoors calls to me -- not to mention trip to the beach, hosting the grandchildren during a housing crisis, dealing with 2 dogs, planning and implementing our homeschool graduation of #3 daughter and getting ready to launch her off to college in the fall, getting ready to go to orientation at said college, catching up on the house and garden chores during the interim times -- well, it just goes on and on.  Come down times I just want to sit and read a book -- not play on the computer.

Anyways, all this and more caused me to be quite late in creating my June pages and even later posting about them!  Without further ado, here is May all filled in (kind of -- vacation and then grandkids as soon as we got back made it all a blur).

In the latter weeks I just kind of took to journaling all around the days about how overwhelmed I was, rather than filling out each day.

And here is June:

We have been painting the exterior of the house and fixing up our screen porch, and the days are cut from paint chips of colors I was considering for the outside of the screen porch -- which is semi circular and on the back of the house (we are going with a lime/chartreuse kind of color).

Come check out all the other entries for the 366 Calendar Challenge at the The Kathryn Wheel!  I hope I won't be so tardy next month, and I'm hoping I get back in the swing of regular posts.


Carol said...

A really bright and sunny page.

Janique de Suisse said...

wow the colors !! I loe your calendar pages !!