Monday, July 30, 2012

Six Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Sparkly and Magical!

My garden is a magical place.  There are always new surprises, and children and neighbors in our subdivision make a point to take walks along our street to see what new magic there might be.

6 ways you can bring magic to your garden:

1.  Bring movement into your garden with items that catch the "merry little breezes"* -- like a colorful flag or banner, ribbons, or prayer flags.

Scatter wind chimes around the trees,

Place chimes around the house.

And garden spinners.  Placing flags, chimes, and spinners where they can be seen or heard from indoors -- close to a window or door, will bring outdoor delights even when you are sitting in your house.

2.  Spruce up your entrance with a colorful welcome mat.

3.  Paint your mailbox.

Glue a ceramic bird on it.

4.  Glue jewels on the sidewalk or place some in a beautiful bowl or clay saucer near the sidewalk and listen to little children tell their mothers about the jewels when they pass by.

A garden cat always brings some sparkle.

5.  Hang a whimsical birdhouse or bird feeder just for looks.

6.  And of course hang a functional bird feeder, especially a hummingbird feeder, and invite the magic of living creatures into your garden.

Pick one small thing to do this week, whether it is in the backyard for your personal enjoyment, or the front yard so your neighbors can experience some magic, and invite the faeries into your outdoor space.  It will bring you outdoors more often, too, even if it's just to take a turn about the garden while holding a refreshing drink during our summer heat.

*"the merry little breezes" are the children of Old Mother West Wind that like to play in The Green Meadows in the animal stories written by Thornton W. Burgess, first published in 1910.

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Lady of the Woods said...

OMG Cats are amazing! do you see how that cat just knew the magical spot on the ground to stand on?? LOL I love this :D

Mrs. Petrie said...

You remind me that I need to put a hummingbird feeder up. The hummingbirds have been enjoying our flowers, but they would probably like to dedicated food, too.

Susan Zentmyer said...

All good ideas! Thanks for sharing!

debra said...

FUN enjoyable post! :)

You and I each have a bee on our blog header pic :)

Never been stung...just captured pics of :)

The other thing that we have in common is that your name says "chickadee" and one of the most MAGICAL moments in my life was years ago when my kids were little. We'd had a long session of snow / ice storms here. The birds that I fed were fairly tame due to that and I was able to get some chickadees to come eat suet from my hand ...

Anne said...

Sweet! I love the jewels idea! I have chimes everywhere!!!

Mica said...

sweet. I love the windchimes and bottles in the tree and..... I really love the painted mailbox with the bird,oh how ever so cute that is...unfortunately our neghborhood has a big huge group mailbox. ick ugly. No sweetmailbox here to paint. Have a wonderful week. Mica @ the Child's Paper

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Those are all fun ideas! Your mailbox is so cute! Mine is red and I'll have to find something appropriate to glue on top!