Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Calendar Challenge

Each month this year I have been participating in the 366 (this is a leap year) Calendar Challenge at artist Kate Crane's blog, The Kathryn Wheel.

My completed July pages:

July was tricky -- my days were arranged numerically, rather than grouped in weeks, and somewhere along the way I got off track, with the wrong butterflies.  And then there were several days where maybe I was abducted by aliens or something and my memory wiped clean -- as I would see I had missed some days and have absolutely no clue about what I did.  I suspect all of this may have had to do with the "getting ready to go off to college" preparations going on here, as well as several birthdays, realizing 2 days before the Altered Book Club meeting that it was my turn to lead a project . . . guess what we did? -- created artsy calendar pages!  Thus, I was able to come up with something for the meeting AND create my August pages -- although I haven't had a chance to blog until now.

Here is how my August pages started -- some paint, some napkins, a bit of stamping and painting with watercolor pencils:

And here it is with the days applied:

Now, I have to show you this -- notice who is lurking behind the book as I was taking pictures:

That was actually the first picture I took.  With Ophelia, the magical garden cat preparing to make her move:

As I was bending over trying to take pics with my IPod, she jumped on my back and settled in.  All the other pics were taken with her on my back.  Here she is, looking indignant, after I convinced her that this was just not working for me right then.


Sheila Jordan said...

I love the detailed colourful backgrounds for August - great cat too!

Linda said...

Great background and I love your wonky squares for August.Awe, Ophelia is a sweetie!

Marjie Kemper said...

Very fun! Those butterflies are totally cool, regardless of whether they stayed in order. Love all the color for August, too. Hope you have a great month.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

LOL! Your kitty is a cutie. I had a roommate when I lived in NYC that had a cat that like to do that to my boyfriend (now husband).

Love the pretty yellow flowered background but really like the use of the butterflies for July.