Thursday, August 9, 2012

Getting Ready . . . .

our dining room - ground zero

My life the past 2 weeks:

getting ready to send Hannah off to college across the state next week (and Tennessee is one loooong state!  It's as far from here to the other end of the state as it is from here to New Orleans or to St. Louis);

the blue bottles aren't going

getting ready for the new homeschool year for my youngest and only one left;

setting up the Civics/government class I'm doing for 15 homeschool teens;

ordering a boatload of lab chemicals and protective lab gear for my youngest's exploration of "Forensic Science" (which I'm sure will land me on some kind of government watch list);

 downloading Mountain Lion OS for my laptop;

 buying a computer for Hannah for college during tax free weekend;

replacing all of our 2 year old and battery-failing cellphones and trying to understand why "stupid" phones like we use are way more expensive now that "smart" phones (which would double our monthly cell phone bill, with the mandatory data plans) and don't even have cute cases available;

adding youngest on to the cell phone plan and getting her a "stupid" phone for her birthday;

other assorted birthday shopping for the youngest, during tax free weekend

hmm -- guess that explains why I've hardly had time to visit my favorite blogs, much less post here.  Another two weeks, and things should settle down into our "new normal".

Hannah: "why will I need a dustpan?" Why indeed.


Mica said...

brave Mama you! I will pray for you and your girl going off to college, how exciting and perhaps scary all at the same time. Sounds like you are busy busy. Hope it all goes off without a hitch. Mica @ The Child's Paper

tina said...

I am exhausted just thinking of all you must keep track of and take care of and I am also in awe. Your job is very tough but I somehow suspect you do it all quite well. Best of luck in the new school year!

I saw your bringing magic into the garden post below and it looks so nice and fun! As well as the figs! For the first time I had homegrown figs and thought they were the best!

You are in Tennessee? I love this state!

tina said...

P.S. The grandkids are adorable!

Geneva said...

You are a busy lady with a lot of changes going on in your world. It's going to be all good though...sounds like you have everything under control! Best wishes to your daughter on her new adventure... and good for you for being a Home School Mom.
p.s. I hate those mandatory data plans too. ugh!