Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Eggs Again!


I am so happy my girls have started laying again!  I have had a little flock of 4-6 ameracaunas for the past 6 years.  I only have 3 left now, 2 of whom are six years old and one being two years old.  Egg laying is somewhat seasonal, being related to hours of daylight.  Although my chickens used to lay year round when they were younger, the number of eggs would decrease during the dark of the winter.  As the chickens have aged, their laying has decreased even during the summer (when they were young I would get 30+ eggs a week from 4 hens, this past summer I got around 15 a week at peak laying from the 4 old hens).

Gwynno and Esther

This past fall they started molting in November and quit laying altogether, but two weeks ago they started back up -- not many, but it's nice to have my own fresh eggs again.

You can't tell in the photo very well, but my eggs are blue and green.  One of our projects this spring will be to rebuild the coop and fence off an area for the chickens so they don't rampage over the whole back yard.  And hopefully I'll be able to find a couple of pullets to add to the flock.  I really don't want to start with chicks again, as they are a bit of work and we go on vacation right in the middle of prime chick time.

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Shine said...

So lucky to have fresh eggs!!! ~~Sigh~~ One day:) Blessings~~Shine

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

This is wonderful, I wish we could have chickens! I am blessed to have a neighbor who raises chickens that I may have access to fresh eggs. Perhaps some day! Love the names! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

Hibiscus House said...

Hi I saw you on Kathy's A Delightsome Life and love your blog so I now follow you. I have chickens too so I share some of the same interests with you. I love those beautiful eggs. I only have Americauna hen the rest turned out to be roosters and I love them all. I have other breeds too...Well I like your blog and wanted to let you know.

xinex said...

Those are good looking eggs! How nice that you are able to raise chickens....Christine

Susan said...

Ohhhh, there is NOTHING like fresh eggs. They are so different from store-bought ones. You are so blessed! Susan