Friday, February 10, 2012

Goodbye Blossoms, it was nice to know you

The tulip magnolia outside my kitchen window.  The unseasonably warm weather of the past couple of weeks has prompted the tree to break bud.  See that pink?  The blossom to come -- only it won't.  Not this year.  Tonight the temperature is supposed to drop down to 22 degrees, tomorrow night down to 15 or even lower.  When the buds are that far along, they will freeze, turn black and fall off.

The hellebores (lenten roses) are in full bloom.  I think they may be fine -- I know they grow these up north with no problem.  We have more of a problem keeping them on life support through our hot humid, yet drought-like, summers.

Some of the daffodils in my front yard, along the front walk.  I've picked some to bring in.  They may be ok through the cold.  They are tough troopers.  They'll lie down through the freeze, but perhaps will perk back up once it warms up more next week.

More daffodils along my side border (near the tulip magnolia).  they are between the driveway and the house, so perhaps the residual heat of brick and asphalt may help them.  At least a cold snap in February will not last as long as one in January -- just a few days, not a week or more.  And our ground temperature is probably relatively warm, since we have not had an sustained sub-freezing cold yet this winter.

But, farewell magnolia blossoms.  Better luck next year.


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I can't believe how cold it is already! I'm sitting here with a space heater blowing on me.

Sorry about your blossoms! It's such a beautiful tree. They had some at HD when I went yesterday and I was thinking of where I could plant one.

Diana said...

We actually got some snow this morning! (no accumulation -- unfortunately, since that would help insulate the plants).

Do some research on tulip and star magnolias and choose a later blooming variety, rather than an early blooming one. I know there are a lot of newer varieties out there that bloom in late March or early April, which are much more likely to avoid freezes. This kind I have was here when we moved here and is probably 15-20 years old and about 50 % of the years, has substantial bud swell during a February or early March warm-up, and then gets zapped by a freeze.

Meadowsweet Cottage said...

We had such a lovely warm day today that it's hard to believe we're expecting snow overnight. So from driving with the window down in the car to snow shovels, overnight! Fortunately our lows have been chilly so the buds are still holding off. I'll think good thoughts about your garden!

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